• Wendy

What did the 70s look and sound like?

Last night we went to watch the documentary/movie/concert/possibly drug induced filmmaking known as "Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains the Same." It is without a doubt something you want to see if you want to know what the 70s looked like and sounded like.

First of all it's Zeppelin, so the music through the entire movie was, of course, amazing. Having listened to the band off and on for years and not actually seen much of them in action I hadn't fully appreciated the exceptional musicianship of the group.

Jimmy Page played for two solid hours barely breaking a sweat and flawlessly went from the rockin' Whole Lotta Love to the soft Stairway to Heaven and then rolled straight into a trance to play Dazed & Confused and people, if you are a true fan of rock this is something special to see and hear.

John Bonham was an exceptional percussionist, not just a drummer. His solo in the movie is very cool and watching him switch from sticks to using his hands to drum on a kit had me shaking my head in disbelief.

John Paul Jones is what all great bassists are.. that steady beat in the background keeping all the sound bound together and moving forward.

Robert Plant's haunting, powerful, wide range, sexy voice and his impeccable timing have always been the icing on the band's cake. Yes, I swooned a bit. I've always thought Robert Plant was something beautiful to look at and his tendency to not wear shirts with low hanging, tight pants with flared bottom jeans with that long curly hair was also never lost on this 50 year old lady. Then throw in that voice. Hubba. But I digress....

We also laughed. A lot. The hair and the clothing from the 70s, the crazy film experiments with the (then new) 70s film tech and the odd bits of theatrical filming of the group was super fun (albeit sometimes confusing) to watch. Watch for the scene where Robert Plant sends a falcon to attack the people of a castle and John Bonham's horse ride at night with a scary mask which were particularly interesting.

It was a fun blast from the past and definitely worth seeing and more importantly hearing the music coming through the Jewel Sounds system was an experience.

Led Heads assemble on Tuesday night for the last showing at the Jewel!