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Top Box Office Movie Stars of 1953

The Jewel Theatre is celebrating 70 Years in Central Alberta in 2023. As part of our celebrations we are looking back at the last seven decades of Hollywood Stars and films that brought us ogether at the Jewel Theatre. #70yrsofjeweltheatre. For more on the 70th Anniversary of the Jewel Theatre please click here, subscribe to our weekly eNews at the top of this website and follow us on Facebook, Instagram & TikTok.

You were dying to know the Top 10 Box Office movie stars of 1953, weren't you?

Well, you've come to the right place.

Movie Theatre

This list is taken from the film industry's Photoplay magazine, which conducted an annual poll of theatre owners. The survey asked which actors generated the biggest box office returns of the year.

Here are the results of that poll, the top money-making Hollywood actors of 1953.

1. Gary Cooper (Oscar Winner)

Gary Cooper

2. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis (Comedy Team)

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

3. John Wayne (Oscar Winner)

John Wayne

4. Alan Ladd (Often Voted Fan Favourite)

Alan Ladd

5. Bing Crosby (Singer & Oscar-Winning Actor)

Bing Crosby

6. Marilyn Monroe (The Legend)

Marilyn Monroe

7. James Stewart (Oscar Winner)

James Stewart

8. Bob Hope (Actor and Comedian)

Bob Hope

9. Susan Hayward (Oscar Winner)

Susan Hayward

10. Randolph Scott (Actor, Known for Westerns)

Randolph Scott

All images from Wikimedia Commons.

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