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The Super Mario Bros. Movie in the Headlines

Mario and Luigi
Mario and Luigi

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is setting box office records this year, and media outlets have lots to say about this movie phenomenon.

We curated seven of the most intriguing headlines and present them here, in no particular order:

  1. Nintendo is Changing the Japanese Name of the Mario Movie’s Spike to Avoid Offence - Video Games Chronicle

  2. Princess Peach Emerges as an Empowered Icon in the Super Mario Bros. Movie - The Direct

  3. A Government Twitter Account Apologizes For Post About Super Mario Bros. Gay Luigi - Kotaku

  4. The Super Mario Bros. Movie Proves Bowser Needs His Own Spinoff - Screen Rant

  5. Could Jack Black’s ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ love theme win him an Oscar and a Grammy? - Gold Derby

  6. YouTube Isn’t Sure If ‘The Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Is ‘Woke’ - Forbes

  7. Talking Point: Just How Old Is Mario In The Super Mario Bros. Movie? - Nintendo Life

Our favourite headline is this one:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is Held Over at Stettler's Jewel Theatre until April 27!

If you haven't seen this film yet, drop by the Jewel Theatre for this fun and wild ride. Check for showtimes, and please come early to beat the ticket and popcorn lines.

See you at the movies!


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