• Wendy

The Night Before, The Night Before and My Spidey Sense

What a holiday!

Rose, Sandra, Corrin, Amanda, Wendy, Jimilee, Debbie, Alex and Asa (Evie not pictured)

The Rairdan Services, Inc. crew had a great time at our annual Christmas party. We ate, had drinks and then settled in to watch Irving Berlin's White Christmas (because I got to pick the film this year!) and just had a nice relaxing time. Seeing White Christmas on the big screen was a GIFT in itself. #hugefanofrosemaryclooney

We had our annual Night Before, Night Before matinee and had a great time watching The Grinch with Jim Carrey. Thanks to the Board of Trade for partnering with us on this again this year. It is so much fun to hear from the family's who come to the Christmas matinee every year as part of their holiday traditions.

Who loves Spiderman? My Spidey senses tell me you all do as the Jewel has been packed for every showing! Our staff was pumped to have sold out shows and lines in the theatre again. I'm sorry we couldn't keep it for longer but glad everyone enjoyed it while it was here. If anyone wants to have a private showing or birthday party with the film contact Sandra at sandra@rairdanservices.ca as we might have it available a little while longer.

It has been one full year since we bought the Jewel Theatre and as New Year's Eve approaches it feels good to reflect on the past year to see how far we have come. You have given us great feedback on the new upgrades to the theatre and the new menu and we are thrilled that you are happy with all the new offerings. Check out the new Special Events we have coming up in the new year with live performances from John Wort Hannam, Renegade Station, Martin Kerr, and Wiklund vs Wiklund and the Oilers Vs Flames game on the big screen! We are looking forward to another year of serving our community with great films, food, drinks and special events!

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Happy New Year!