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The Longevity of the Jewel Theatre

When the state-of-the-art Jewel Theatre opened in 1953, it was built to Last.

In 1953, Stan Petherbridge was Mayor of Stettler, Ernest Manning was Premier, and our town already had a movie theatre named The Roxy.

The Jewel outlasted 'em all.

Since it was built, our Jewel has weathered many storms - both figuratively and meteorologically - yet it remains a steadfast symbol of movies and community.

Here are some of the events that occurred during the Jewel Theatre's 70 years:

  • The coronation, and death of, Queen Elizabeth II

  • The moon landing

  • September 11

  • The rise and fall of video stores

  • The Iran hostage crisis

  • The introduction of the home computer

  • The Vietnam war

  • The iPod, and cell phones

  • The destruction of the Berlin Wall

  • The invention of CGI for movies, then television

When we celebrate the Jewel Theatre's 70th Anniversary on June 30, we celebrate a rich history of this building, our community, and the world.

Let's raise a glass to our grand ol' dame, the Jewel. Cheers!

The Jewel Theatre's 70th Anniversary Gala is Friday, June 30 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $50 each, and are available at Reel Good Coffee until June 27. Check for details.

See you at the Jewel!


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