• Wendy

Thank you to Kinsley Alberta Ltd for sponsoring the 2022 Sensory Screenings!

We threw it out there not knowing what to expect but within hours of our post asking for someone to help us sponsor our Sensory Screenings, we got an email from Tony Cianfarani from Kinsely Alberta Ltd. that basically said ...I got this. Kinsley Alberta Ltd. has sponsored our once a month Sensory Screenings for the entire year! This means that we do not have to presell tickets for any of the showings and when you can make it to Sensory Screenings it will just be a toonie each and the Jewel Theatre can cover the rest.

So today I, along with numerous parents and great kids who need a little extra consideration, am sending a huge THANK YOU to a man we have never met for this amazing gift.

Toni - Please come hang out with us for a movie sometime as we'd all love to thank you in person!