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Staffing, changes in Showtimes & who we need

Happy fall to all!

This post is a quick update on staffing and how it affects our showtimes.

In a perfect world, we would schedule movies seven days a week and then schedule staff to work those showtimes. In our current world, we have to plan movies around when we have staff, so our showtimes occasionally change.

We had pretty good coverage through the summer, so we ran as many showtimes as possible. However, our students are back to school, and their schedule has changed; one of our Part-time Supervisors works for the school division full-time, and another of our evening supervisors can no longer work due to a medical issue.


ALL showtimes are on, or you can call 403-323-5555 and listen to the voicemail to hear showtimes. Someone will be at the theatre if showtime is on our website. Please do not come to the theatre in the evening when no showtime is scheduled.


Yes, we hire students! On average, half of our staff has been students since our family purchased the theatre in December 2020. A few factual statements for clarity:

  • The Jewel Theatre asking for 18+ staff members means we need 18+ help AS WELL AS student help.

  • Students cannot serve alcoholic drinks, and this service is now expected in movie theatres.

  • Alberta Labour Laws says employees under 18 cannot close a business without adult supervision after 9 PM.

  • Rairdan Services, Inc.'s company policy is not to ask a minor to assume the responsibility for the safety of up to 200 people at the Jewel Theatre.

Our expectations of students working at the Jewel Theatre:

  • must check and respond to emails and phone calls from the Jewel Manager

  • follow company policies as outlined during orientation

  • complete their work checklist

  • collaborate with their manager to ensure their schedule is correct

  • take pride and participate in the cleanliness of our theatre

  • arrive at work on time and be ready to support all staff members

  • offer great customer service

Positions Currently Open

We need at least one student who can work one evening a week and at least one 8-hour shift on Saturday or Sunday.

Having at least one student who could work casually and fill in when needed would also be hugely beneficial.

We are also looking for a Part-time Rental Supervisor to cover the occasional evening shift and manage rentals so we can bring this service back to the community,

Please know that we are doing everything we can to hire dependable people and offer more showtimes, but until then, please check showtimes at

For all questions about the Jewel Theatre hiring policy, don't hesitate to contact me at

To apply for a position at the Jewel Theatre please email your cover letter and resume to

Thank you, and #seeyouatthemovies!

Wendy Rairdan

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