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Reel Good Coffee coming soon to your theatre

We have taken over the previously rented office space in the Jewel building and the little extra space is heavenly for all of us. Now that we have this great, empty box office space, we get to make some more of my wishes come true.

Starting around middle of May we will be

launching Reel Good Coffee at the Jewel Theatre.

The theatre is the perfect location for a grab-n-go coffee bar and we'll be open all day so you can also pick up movie tickets, Jewel gift cards, popcorn (after 11am), candies and incredible baked breakfast bites as well. We cannot wait to share the coffee and breakfast menu with you! And oh yes.. you can do a mobile order before you leave your driveway and it will be ready when you get here. #wegotyoucovered

What about showtimes you ask? BONUS ROUND BABY...we'll have lots of decaf options and be ready to make you some super coffee cocktails while you are buying your movie tickets. Imagine an Iced Whiskey Coffee, a Mocha Mezcal or a Pineapple Liquor Hot Tea warming you up through your next movie. We have lots of things to try and we are certain that you are going to love the recipe building part.

So much more news coming but we wanted to give you the heads up that more good stuff is coming from the Jewel Theatre.


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