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Poppin' volunteers, Slimers & Cotton Candy

The Popcorn for Charity Program is going even better than I imagined! I'd love to take credit for its success but it is due to the great volunteers who dare to get behind the counter with us, who choose to laugh when they get butter on their clothes and who work hard to give back to their community. Popcorn Volunteers worked twenty half-hour shifts in November and raised $400 for their Charities! Charities receiving donations include, Handibus, HYC, Crisis Aid, Stettler Hospice Society, Stettler Health Service Foundation, and Parderwilly Research. Thank you to all!

Ghostbusters Afterlife is AWESOME and we have had great turnout for the film. Some of the scenery is like riding around in our own backyard, the story is as exciting and fun as the first one, and the cast is perfect! We even created a special drink for the film called the "Slimer". This drinks is our famous Lime Crush with a shot of vodka. DELISH. Don't miss the last showing tonight!

Cotton Candy is back! We have set up some space in my offices to keep a better stock of Cotton Candy coming your way. One of our teens has been designated the official 'Cotton Candy Maker' and will try to stock us up for Friday Popcorn days from now on. Various flavours will be available per your request!

Thanks to all for your continued support of the Jewel!



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