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Oscar Winners of 1953

The 1954 Academy Awards, honouring the films of 1953, was the second Oscars event to be televised.

William Holden and Donna Reed
William Holden and Donna Reed. Image: WIkimedia Commons

An estimated 43 million viewers watched the ceremony on television that year. (Compare that to an estimated 16.6 million people who watched in 2022.)

Here are the notable winners at the 26th Academy Awards.

Best Actor

William Holden

(Stalag 17)

Best Supporting Actor

Frank Sinatra

(From Here to Eternity)

Best Actress

Audrey Hepburn

(Roman Holiday)

Audrey Hepburn
Image: Wikimedia Commons

Best Supporting Actress

Donna Reed

(From Here to Eternity)

Best Director

Fred Zinnemann

(From Here to Eternity)

Best Song

"Secret Love"

(Calamity Jane)

Best Motion Picture

From Here to Eternity

1953 was a year of notable films. Best Picture nominees were diverse: Shakespearean and Biblical dramas, along with a western, a WWII epic, and a comedy. You'll recognize the names of many of these films, even if you haven't seen them.

Best Picture Nominees

From Here to Eternity (winner of 8 Oscars)

Julius Caesar

The Robe

Roman Holiday


Will you be watching the Academy Awards this year? Have many of your favourite films from 2022 been nominated?

RKO Pantages Theatre
The RKO Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Image: Wikimedia Commons

See you at the movies!



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