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Movies about Family, Friendship & Unsung Heroes

The Miracle Club 2023
Laura Linney (left) and Maggie Smith star in The Miracle Club (2023).

Movies that feature superheroes saving the planet are exciting and visually amazing.

But sometimes we need movies about a different type of hero: The ordinary person who raises children, keeps a marriage together, or faces a painful past.

These are some of the things we regular folks deal with daily, so when we see them on the big screen, they speak to us in a personal way superhero movies may not.

Look at The Miracle Club, starting tomorrow at the Jewel Theatre. This is a film about four Irish women who travel to Lourdes, France, in search of a miracle. During their journey, they make peace with some difficult truths - and each other.

Movies like these, about family & friendship, remind us of what’s important, especially when the world feels unsettled.

They show us how valuable relationships are, and why they're worth the trouble.

Don't get us wrong: Movies about larger-than-life warriors are a lot of fun. It's that sometimes we need a movie where the seemingly small things are heroic and brave, where we can celebrate the everyday miracles in life.

The Miracle Club shows at Stettler's Jewel Theatre October 27 - November 2. Please check for showtimes before arriving at the theatre.

See you at the movies!


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