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Moonlight Madness, Festival of Lights and did anyone see November?

Ummm, if anyone sees November, can you send it back to me? I seem to have missed it somwhere between Halloween decorations and Christmas trees...

It is so great after months and months of being shut down.. can't do this, can't do that, to check out and find there is TONS going on in our community again!

Festival of Lights Auction

Don't forget to pop down to vote for our tree for the Festival of Lights Auction that is over tomorrow night 10pm! There is tons of theatre candy on the tree, fun, homemade ornaments of all our favourite christmas movies, a limited edition 2021 Jewel Theatre ornament and more than $50 worth of FREE Large Popcorn cards! Click here to put in your bid to win it!

Moonlight Madness

Moonlight Madness sale - buy a $25 Gift Card for $20! This is only on until December 1st so don't miss it. Who doesn't love our gift cards in their stocking?

Tired and hungry after all the Moonlight Madness shopping?

You just gotta come see Ghostbusters!

It is SO MUCH FUN and I can't reccomend it enough. You will see many scenes in the movie that were filmed just down the road from us. The story is exciting and new but the nod to the Ghostbusters legend is there too. It is perfection and no kidding, had me singing "who you gonna call?" for days after.

We even made a special drink for the occasion called a 'Slimer'. Slimer is Lime Crush with a shot of vodka and it is soooo good (I may have had 2 already). It pairs well with our two-handfuls-of-goodenss and classic, Chicago Dog which is on special starting tomorrow.



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