• Wendy

Jewel Theatre Popcorn at Home Hardware?!

Update on October 29th @ 12:05 - You can also find our popcorn at PatchouliMint Day Spa & Shoppe. Thanks to Julie Mack and her team for participating in help helping us raise money for local charities!

It is always hard to know how much popcorn to make for a movie so to be safe, we usually make too much. This usually leaves (delicious) leftover popcorn and I HATE to throw it away. I had always hoped there was some way to use it to raise money but the plan we liked best kept getting put on hold due to COVID.

I called my buddy Leslie Rowland at Home Hardware and talked to her about my idea and asked if she could help. "We like to help the community any way we can. We'd can do it!" Within hours we had a plan.

What does this mean? It means that you can now buy small snack size bags of our (delicious) popcorn at Home Hardware and 100% of the sale of the (delicious)

Jewel Theatre popcorn you buy at Home Hardware gets

donated to the Handibus or Superfluity.

Just a note that Home Hardware is not responsible for the popcorn supply! When there is no left over popcorn after movies, they might not have any at Home Hardware to sell you. Generally speaking the best time to find it there will probably be Mondays, Wednesdays and probably on Saturdays. But, please keep in mind it will be a bit random.

Don't forget we are now open on Fridays for popcorn from 12 - until one hour after showtime!

Thanks to Leslie and Warren Rowland for working with us to help support our local charities!

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