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Hollywood's Love Affair with Agatha Christie

A Haunting in Venice cast
The cast of A Haunting in Venice.

A Haunting in Venice, opening at the Jewel on October 6, is the latest film adaptation of an Agatha Christie novel.

Christie, a British mystery novelist, died 47 years ago, and her novels are still being adapted to the screen. Nearly 50 movies from around the world have been made, the first in 1928.

What, then, makes Agatha Christie's works so attractive to filmmakers and audiences?

First, Christie was known as the Queen of Crime, and she is the top-selling fiction writer ever. She came to prominence during the era known as "The Golden Age of Detective Fiction," in the 1920s-1930s.

Second, it's hard to tell how an Agatha Christie story will end. As a writer, she's full of surprises.

Halloween Party by Agatha Christie

Third, she's created two of fiction's most beloved detectives: the elderly Miss Marple, and the Belgian Hercule Poirot.

Monsieur Poirot is the detective in A Haunting in Venice, which is loosely based on Christie's Hallowe'en Party, published in 1969. But filmmakers say they've deviated from the original story, so whether or not you've read the novel, the movie is sure to keep you engaged.

A Haunting in Venice opens at Stettler's Jewel Theatre on October 6th and runs until October 12th. Check for showtimes before arriving at the theatre.

See you at the movies!



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