• Wendy

Can we get a sponsor?

January 5, 2021

Once a month we schedule and partially sponsor a Sensory Screening for families with children of special needs. These are always children's films that we show on a Sunday morning at 11am with sound down, lights up and families can bring in their own food as some of the kids have special dietary needs. We let the kids roam around if they need to, make some noise if they need to, play around and creating a no stress way for families of kids with sensory issues to get to see a movie. You can watch Rose's video and see more information here about these screenings here...


Buying tickets ahead of time for these families is tough as sometimes the time comes to leave for the movies and the kids just aren't up to it but if we don't sell the tickets ahead of time I can't run the film. Attendance might 40 or it might be 5, we just never know. When it is the latter the theatre is losing quite a bit so I am putting a call out to see if anyone is interested in being a co-sponsor with the Jewel so we can continue these showings!

Co-Sponsorship looks like:

  • $200 a month/$2,400 for 2022 - this is just enough to cover staff, cleaning after the showing and a portion of the film. You can sponsor one month, six months or the 11 months left for 2022. Thanks to Jomac Travel for sponsoring January!

  • Your company logo/Family name on all advertisements for Sensory Screenings on all 18 Stettler Community Screens (includes the Big Screen), our weekly eNews, on the Sensory Screening website page, listed as a co-host on the Facebook event and mentioned on the StettlerLocal.com event listing

  • Tagged on Social Media posts mentioning the event

Having been a Foster Parent to a child of special needs I can tell you that the parents need these screenings as much (if not more!) than the kids. The low-stress atmosphere is nice and families often visit through the movie while the kids play and/or watch the film.

If you are interested in helping us sponsor these showings please contact me at wendy@rairdanservices.ca

Thank you and #seeyouatthemovies,