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Bring Your Babies Matinee

Having a new baby doesn’t mean you have to miss out on going to the movies.

Here at the Jewel, we love babies! That’s why we schedule Bring Your Babies matinees on Wednesday afternoons.

Movies are shown in an atmosphere that’s suited to little ones. We turn the sound down and keep the lights up, just a little, so you can easily locate toys and other necessities.

If your little one fusses, no problem! You won’t disturb anyone because this matinee is designed for you. There are open captions on the screen, so you can keep an eye on the movie regardless of what's going on.

Do you need a booster seat or a high chair for your toddler? We’ve got ‘em, and we have fabulous Reel Good Coffee lattes for you in case you need a morale boost.

Bring your strollers - there’s lots of room - and we’ll see you Wednesday at the next Bring Your Babies Matinee!

Bring Your Babies


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