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Battle of Alberta at the Jewel

Hockey fans had a great time at the Jewel on January 22 watching the Oilers and the Flames on the big screen. Most of the crowd were Oilers fans but the few Flames fans held their own in the crowd and thankfully, we didn't have to make two different cheering sections in the theatre!

Tonight was the first night we tried Nachos at the theatre and they were a huge hit so

you'll probably be seeing those again. Siding 14 Honey Cream Ale was the beer of choice for the night and I'm sure we'll be keeping it in stock now that we know everyone likes it.

The next Battle of Alberta will be March 26th and we'll do our best to show it but as you know, it depends on what movies we can get that week.

A big thank you to the Stettler GM team for sponsoring the popcorn for this great event. It was hugely appreciated.

Everyone had a great time and looking forward to doing it again!


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