• Wendy

Addams Family Sensory Screening on Oct. 24th

We had some families join us on Sunday at 11am for the Sensory Screening of the Addams Family 2. We love hosting these screenings and hope to be able to continue them. It's a bit of a trick between our scheduling options and what our families need, but we'll keep working on it to make it work! One of the little guys was so excited to get popcorn today and it just made my heart burst to be able to hand that treat to him.

We have moved the Sensory Screenings to Sundays now that school has started. Evie or myself will probably be working them from now on. If you have any questions about Sensory Screenings check out our page on Sensory Screenings or call us at 403-323-5555.

#SeeYouAtTheMovies - Wendy