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Popcorn for Charity Program

The Jewel Theatre has an odd, half-hour shift right before movie times when we need help bagging popcorn or filling pop for customers. 


We also like supporting our community.  


 Popcorn for Charity Program! 


For every half-hour shift you bag popcorn for us before showtimes, we donate $20 to a charity of your choice!


How it works:

  • Register to be a Popcorn Volunteer here > 

  • Someone will call you and organize a 30 minute - 1 hour training session. 

  • After your training, you may sign up for shifts on our Volunteer portal. 

  • We send out an email to all our volunteers on Tuesdays confirming everyone's shift for the week. 

  • At the end of the month, we calculate your shifts and donate to the charity you listed on your sign-in sheet. 

  • Volunteers also get a free large popcorn at the end of their shift! and can go to the movie the night of their volunteer shift free of charge.

Easy for you, great for our local charities, you help out your local theatre, and it's fun! 


For more information on the Popcorn for Charity Program, please call 403-323-5555 or email 

Please submit the registration form if you have never volunteered before and would like us to contact you for the next training sessions. 

Thank you for collaborating with the Jewel Theatre!

Popcorn Volunteer Policies


Most businesses see their customers over the course of a day; we see all our customers in 45 minutes! Because of this, bagging popcorn is a HOPPING job. 

  1. All volunteers require 30 minutes - 1 hour training session before approved to serve popcorn. 

  2. Please give us at least 2 days notice if you are unable to make your shift. 

  3. Please arrive five minutes early, put your personal items away, sign-in for your shift, wash your hands and put on your Volunteer apron. 

  4. Keep in mind that you will get oil and/or butter on yourself, so  expensive clothing or your best clothing is not recommended. That being said, all clothing must be clean and in good shape - no sweat/yoga pants, clothing with rips or clothes showing too much skin, no sleeveless shirts. Shorts must be longer than your fingertips with arms at your sides. No clothing items should have logos or written words that are offensive or inappropriate for a work environment. Plain colored t-shirts are recommended.

  5. Please wear closed-toe, comfortable shoes. It's a busy 30 minutes!

  6. At 7pm, no matter what is happening in concession, please hang up your volunteer apron and go. NO, you do not have to worry about any mess on the floor (We love that you care but we would just have to sweep again later!) or a long line. You have done your job and you can go! 

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