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Green Jewel Program

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The Jewel Theatre staff works very hard to ensure that we do everything possible to help decrease our carbon footprint by using reusable, recyclable and compostable materials. 

Jewel Theatre is a winner of the 2021 Eco Excellence Awards sponsored by the Stettler Heartland Beautification Committee, which reminds us that "No one can do everything. Everyone can do Something" when it comes to how we treat our environment.

Eco Excellence Award.png

Compostable Items

to-go bags





coffee stirrers

pop cups

coffee cups 

popcorn bags

all garbage bags

clear mixed drink cups and lids

to go knives, forks & spoons

Recyclables & Returnables

small pop cup lids

beer & cooler cans

liquor bottles & wine bottles/boxes


condiment containers

coffee cup lids

cleaning product containers



glasses & lids for moviegoers


Staff Efforts

  • We encourage customers to leave their garbage on tables after movies so staff can clean and sort to ensure all items used by customers are sorted properly and go into the proper containers

  • We do not sell water bottles, however, you can get a free reusable glass of filtered water from our pop machines.

  • All cleaning products are environmentally friendly.

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