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  • Where can I find showtimes?
    *Please note that showtimes and days are subject to change.* PLEASE ALWAYS CHECK SHOWTIMES BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE THEATRE. Website Our website is always the best place to get the most up to date information and is updated daily. Social Media Facebook Instagram TikTok Jewel Theatre Marquee at 5010 50 Ave 93.3 Real Country Listen to 93.3 for the Jewel Theatre & Real Good Coffee Movie Minute Stettler Community Screens: PatchouliMint Spa Stettler Recreation Centre lobby Stettler Recreation Centre upstairs near The Hub County of Stettler office Brenda's Cozy Cafe` Heartland Bowling Centre Reel Good Coffee Heartland Auto & Industrial Supply The Coffee Tree Jewel Theatre Big Screen​ Jewel Theatre Lobby Jewel Theatre Outdoor Screen visible 24hr
  • How can I get movie tickets?
    You can buy movie tickets during all Reel Good Coffee hours and at the Jewel Theatre counter starting 30 minutes before showtime. All movie tickets are non-refundable and have no cash value.
  • What are ticket prices?
    As of February 14, 2023: New Releases Adults (18 to 64yrs): $11 per ticket. Youth (5-17): $9 Senior (65+): $9 4 & Under: Free Matinees (showtimes before 5 pm) are $7. Repertoire Movies - as posted
  • What kind of projection system does the Jewel Theatre have?
    The Jewel Theatre purchased a brand new laser projector in February of 2023 which projects onto a silver screen, giving us one of the most up-to-date visual experiences in cinema today. Silver screens boast the highest gain of screen materials while also being very dark, this can combat washout and brighten images to give the movie goer the best visual experience.
  • What kind of sound does the Jewel Theatre have?
    We have 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound system that immerses you in the film on the big-screen. Musicians and theatre technicians, always remark on the superior quality of the Jewel's sound. Important Note: Movie soundtracks are not mixed at the theatre but are done on the movie itself. This means we have control over volume, but we're unable to adjust things like how loud an explosion may be or how low someone is talking.
  • Do you get movies on release date?
    Sometimes. If we commit to showing a movie on or just after its release date, the studios demand a higher percentage of the ticket price for their payment. For instance: Movie Example releases on January 1st, and to get it that day, you may have to pay as high as 72% of ticket prices; on week 2 or 3 of the film, you may pay 55%, and so on. The longer we wait to take a movie, the more opportunity we have to actually make something on ticket sales - but we risk losing business to large movie theatres who get the movie on opening day. Additionally, studios dictate how long we have to keep a movie. For instance Disney required a four week commitment for Avatar: The Way of Water. For a one screen theatre, few movies do well week 2 and even fewer do well on week 3 or 4. For blockbusters like Avatar: The Way of Water, the studio may decide on Monday that you must keep the film for additional week regardless of how your attendance has been. A theatre the size of the Jewel has very little control and are always last on the list as far as content.
  • Do you hire teenagers?
    Yes. The theatre has to run on a small team, and there are only a couple of casual positions for students under 18. According to Alberta Labour Laws, an adult must be present for closing during and after evening showtimes which is why some positions are listed for 18 and older. "Employees 15 to 17 years of age who work in retail or hospitality can only work between 9 pm and 12 am with adult supervision. "
  • What happened to the hot dogs?
    We loved serving you hot dogs, but unfortunately we didn't sell enough to make it a viable menu item.
  • What is your bag policy?
    We respectfully request guests to leave purses, backpacks, parcels and bags at home. Staff reserves the right to inspect purses, parcels, backpacks and bags but as this slows down service to other guests in line during showtimes, we encourage guests to not bring them. Violation of this Code of Conduct may result in removal from, or refusal of admission to the Jewel Theatre without a refund or other compensation. Jewel Theatre may also pursue any remedies available to it upon violation of this Guest Code of Conduct. This policy is an industry standard.
  • Do you have Gift Cards?
    Yes! All plastic, reusable gift cards with this logo are good for Reel Good Coffee and the Jewel Theatre. We exchanged old paper gift cards for new gift cards or cash with the old logo on them from July 2021 to July 2022 and we DO NOT accept these nor do they have any cash value any longer. If your gift card has this logo on it we do not accept them.
  • Do you sponsor or donate locally?
    We encourage any organizations looking for support to check out our Popcorn for Charity Program. Our company has donated a tremendous amount of services, products and funds to the community over the last four years. Unfortunately, we are not able to donate or provide any sponsorships at this time as the unexpected cost of a new laser projector, a new popcorn machine and the numerous renovations required over the last two years to preserve and maintain the theatre have come at a substantial cost to owners.
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